Michael Gubbels



Open source community and tools dedicated to creating an ecosystem of complete, high-quality electronics projects that are easy to re-create, and therefore easy to distribute.


Graphical design language designed for a touch-based visual programming language for quickly programming with gestures on single touchscreens, multiple touchscreens together, or large touchscreens.


Modular computing interface for building distributed systems quickly with gestures.

ScienceKit / SINQ

Social media platform for tablets to support life-relevant learning and scienetific inquiry in everyday life through micro-interactions.

Power Searching with Google

Google's first massively open online course (MOOC). Tools for social search and supporting engagement and peer learning in a classroom setting.


Social search and collaboration tool to support social learning in synchronous environments.

Social Fabric Fitness

Wearable e-textile displays to support group awareness while running.

Budgeted Machine Learning with Bayesian Networks

C Toolkit and API for Budged Machine Learning with Bayesian Networks

Multi-agent Simulation of Market Bubbles

Agent-based simulation and visualization of economic bubbles used to explore the 2008 housing market bubble.


Touch-based adaptive kiosk games to support learning.

Peck Interface for Studying Bird Cognition

Interactive peck-based interface for birds that dispenses seeds when actions requiring specific cognitive skills are performed.

Teaching / Workshops

Connected Expression

One-week masterclass during Dutch Design Week at the Blikwisseling 2015 Festival.

Exploratorium Tinkering Studio Residency

Two-week residency developing exhibit content and guiding visitors through activities at the Tinkering Studio in the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Tomorrow's Toys

1-week workshop taught with FutureMakers on creative learning with electronics and programming.

Luminous Motion

1-week workshop on exploring light and motion with electronics taught at the American Visionary Art Museum.

Re-Inventing the Wheel

1-day workshop at the Sandy Spring Museum about combining old and new technology to create new things.

Workspaces / Events

KID Museum

Children's museum dedicated to culture, community, and creativity located in the Washington, D.C.


36-hour collegiate hackathon at the University of Maryland, College Park.


Workspace for hackers and other creaters to experiment with creative space design, management, and operations.