DNA Sequencer

I bid on a DNA sequencer today.

I woke up early to go to a surplus auction. I won two bids and three computers. I carried the computers back to my apartment. I sat at my computer for a while and did what seemed natural to do at the time. I was in the moment only. My friend and I were sending messages to each other on the computer. I had told him that the surplus auction was today. He wanted to go, and I decided to go back, so we met there. At the auction were computers, camcorders and cameras, office furniture, and similar things that businesses might be interested in. My friend was interested in a projector for his apartment, so he registered for an auction tag, and waited for the auctioneer to come to him. I came to a large machine that I was curious about. I found by reading some of the books placed apon it that it was a DNA sequencer. I really wanted the DNA sequencer. I daydreamed about building a dinosaur.

It had to have been of some purpose with all of the manuals, chemicals, and everything.

Here I sit with my glasses still misty from rain and thinking this is something to write about.

What is unique?


July 8, 2007