heels go to the laundry mat

i want a pair of jeans
a pair of loose fitting
loose fit sort of harem jeans
even like the cheap ones
it’s like the fit
they’re so big
this is a straight leg jean
but actually its not
it’s like skin tight
people need clothes made specifically for them
i need pants that don’t actually go like this
from the hip area to the waist area
like falling off of my waist like 7 inches
like i can’t get it over my ass
alexis has like these really awesome pants
i don’t know if they’re like harem pants
they’re like really big on your thigh
i was like where did you get this
and she was like
the thrift store
it’s just so irritating


May 13, 2013


Written on May 13, 2013 based on a conversation at the Stamp Union at University of Maryland that came to my attention.