video, abstract

Interpretations B Motion 1

I created this film by filming the projection of a 35mm reel of film, using a digital camcorder. The 35mm reel of film was created by hand. To the film I attached three color prints, printed on transparencies using and inkjet printer. The prints were selected from my collection of still images named Interpretations A.

This is a digital video project that explores the notions of process and licensing by using a variety of past and present, analog and digital technologies and both original and found digital content, all licensed and released under the Creative Commons license. The video was created by recording the projection of a handcrafted 35mm film of repeating abstract digital forms, produced by adhering prints of digital images, printed on transparent sheets, to 35mm film. These digital images were created by digitally interlacing frames extracted from original video footage of natural formations and built architecture. The audio was created using found samples that were released under the Creative Commons License. The final video uses a combination of natural and synthesized audio and video elements, juxtaposed in attempt to expose common or similar structures essential to the nature of both elements.

This project is, in a sense, inherently interdisciplinary because it was created from an artistic perspective of a computer scientist but considers the important contemporary issues of process and licensing, which are subject to the analyses of many disciplines under various guises. For instance, the notion of a process is of concern, primarily in the context of process optimization, in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. Likewise, the notion of process is of concern in theoretical and applied Computer Science. Licensing issues are crucially important in contemporary society, particularly in the context of digital distribution. Licensing is a topic of importance in Political Science, Computer Science, and Sociology. This project is both a reflection and an expression of these contemporary issues through an artistic means.

Gubbels, M. (2011). Interpretations B Motion 1. Digital Video. BA/BFA Interrogating the Future Interdisciplinary Art Practice, Arcade Gallery. Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Gubbels, M. (2011). Interpretations B Motion 1. Digital Video. Indoor/Outdoor Film Screening, Drift Station Gallery. Lincoln, NE

I later released the original recording of the film projection (accompanied by the soundscape) as Mononucleosis 1.