Thesis Advisors

Shariq Hashme, Kunal Sharma, Ibrahim Hashme, Polina Vorozheykina


hackerspace, community, technology


Experimental hackerspace created and run by students for exploring creative interests with technology, creative space design, management, and operations.


Running with the success of Terrapin Hackers, Shariq Hashme, Kunal Sharma, and I founded Collider. Collider is an experimental creative space on the University of Maryland, College Park campus. We created Collider in order to provide students with a place to explore their ideas through open-ended experimentation and creative building.

The space itself was set up as an on-going experiment. This provided students with on-campus contrast to their experiences meeting academic deadlines and being evaluated by grades and anonymous metrics devoid of individual personality and context. Collider was shaped by this creative anarchy. Part of the experiment was to foster creative collaborations (or collisions) between students from diverse backgrounds and pursuits, we directly invited students majoring in a range of topics. Collider encourages exploration of visionary ideas together through experimentation and making using a variety of materials.

Collider Space-Hack at Bitcamp

I lead a spontaneous effort to deploy Collider right in the middle of Bitcamp. In the final stages of setting up Bitcamp, I recruited some friends who frequently visited Collider to help me move some key elements of Collider to the heart of Bitcamp.

I had no specific plans about what to do with Collider after relocating it, but shortly after setting up the essential elements, it became center stage for the opening ceremonies, including a talk about virtual reality from Brendan Iribe. This took place quickly and organically.

The hack was deployed successfully and Collider's essential elements helped set the tone for the event.