TV, digital camcorder, tripod, laser pointer, VLC, inkjet printer


video, abstract

Feedback Interpretations

In this project, I explored (a) the creation of visual media through feedback production and manipulation and (b) the experience of control while participating in the creative process guided by a combination of subjective interpretation of accidental discovery. Feedback and experiences participating in its manipulation feedback were the primary subjects of this exploration. The Feedback Interpretations project resulted in video and image content.

Interpretations A

In this Interpretations A image set, like the Feedback A image set, I explored image distortion and video feedback without the application of digital effects. The source footage of these images was shot during the same session as that of the Feedback A set. That means that the feedback loop was created using a HANNspree Xv32 32-inch Widescreen LCD HDTV (JT01-32U1-000G) displaying the output from a Canon Vixia HF11 digital camcorder capturing and playing back, live, the image shown by the television. In this project, I was exploring the particular video feedback created by my hardware, lighting, and other conditions as an expressive medium for creating images.

The distortion in these images was caused by moving the track bar from place to place in VLC while playing the captured MTS video file from a data DVD that contained the video. The distortion that this creates did not occur for other video formats that I tried.

The Interpretations A photo set, including Frames 1-24.

Feedback A

In the Feedback A image set, I used a glitch that required my participation and produced somewhat predictable image distortions and artifacts while not being entirely predictable. This enabled me to experimentally generate digital effects indirectly without the selecting specific effects prior to their application.

Life / Breath

Life/Breath is the first result of this project. The video was recorded in a single take and wasn't edited digitally. The only acts of control were starting and stopping the recording using the digital camcorder.


I came up with the idea for this installation while looking out the window on the airplane. The complex geometric formations that emerged in my conscious mind were really beautiful.